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Chargery A12 Power Supply (12v 12.5A)

Chargery A12 Power Supply (12v 12.5A)

R 450.00

The Chargery A12 Power Supply will power any charger that requires a 12V DC input. The switching power supply provides up to 12.5 amps. It is light, compact and fan cooled. The internal fan runs automatically based on the internal termperature.

Input Voltage: AC 100-220V, 50/60Hz
Range Voltage: AC 95-265V, 47/63Hz
Output Power: 150 Watts max
Output Voltage: 12.0V (12.6V MAX)
Output Current: 12.5A (13A MAX.)
A/C Plug Type: Standard EU 110-120V A/C Outlet Plug

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