Align Trex 700L Dominator TOP Super Combo


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Align Trex 700L Dominator TOP Super Combo
This is the Align T-REX 700L TOP Dominator Super Combo. Align’s 2014 flagship T-Rex 700L TOP Dominator incorporates top shelf upgrades, combined with an incredible electronics package that will deliver stability and power that exceeds expectations. The superior control feel and attractive look make the T-Rex 700L TOP Dominator a great choice for discriminating 3D enthusiasts. 

Equipped with Align’s Gpro flybarless system, with a CPU capable of 20 times faster processing power, along with updated firmware, the Gpro delivers fast, precise response. The most important feature is that Gpro utilizes the latest iOS and Android APP can be easily and directly adjusted through a mobile phone while at the field. The human oriented interface allows convenient and rapid setup and installation. 

The 850MX (490KV) motor has been paired with the Castle Edge HV 160 speed controller for unparalleled power output. High voltage BL815H/BL855H brushless servos have been included to deliver high torque, efficiency and precision; with extremely low post flight temperatures to extend the service life. These are a favorite of Align factory pilots. Outstanding materials and superior design concepts, with the elaborate matte black carbon fiber structure and stunning red DFC rotor head set, anti-rotation bracket, and torque tube drive gear set dramatically enhance strength and aesthetics, providing a professional grade helicopter to the masses. 
  • T-Rex 700L TOP:
    • The 700 DFC flybarless rotor head system utilizes extreme low CG design, effectively reduces resistance during flight, increased flight responsiveness and precision.
    • 850MX motor for high efficiency, superior power, excellent torque, low current draw and low temperature. It’s capable of maintaining much more consistent torque and head speed through continuous 3D maneuvers, which is particularly special design for 3D flights.
    • The latest BL815H and BL855H metallic brushless servos are standard equipment, featuring superior torque, speed with unparalleled efficiency and precision. These servos are praised by team pilots for their low operation heat, contributing to dramatically increased longevity.
    • Updated frame reinforcement plates and blocks effectively improve the frame’s anti-torsion ability. The improvement in frame rigidity and solidness is especially evident during extreme 3D maneuvers.
    • Elaborate matte black carbon fiber material on main frame and tail boom, bring much more stylish and delightful presentation than others.
    • Carbon tailboom uses carbon fiber and aluminum imbedded technology, features light weight and high strength, its unique matting carbon color make your helicopter stand out at the flying field.
    • Utilizes a redesigned vertical tail fin, for a fresh look for T-Rex 700L.
    • High quality tail gearbox design, combined with dual point mounted tail pitch control assembly to minimize slop and increase rudder control precision.
  • Gpro Programmable Flybarless System:
    • CPU processing 20 times faster than previous generation, provides precise and agile response.
    • Updated software process structure improves system compensation and keep up-to-date flying performance.
    • Utilizes with latest iOS and Android APP that Gpro can be easily and directly adjusted through mobile phone while flying outdoors.
    • Human oriented interface allows convenient and rapid setup and installation.
    • Superior flying characteristic remain the same flying control among T-REX 250~800 helicopters.
    • Full support receivers and satellites currently on the market, including S.BUS/X.BUS and DSM2/DSMX/DSMJ/DMSS (Replaces original factory receiver).
    • Compatible with 1024/2048 resolution Spektrum receivers
    • Field setup without the use of a PC
    • Support up to 6 servos
    • Automatic servo type recognition
    • Supports 90/120/135/140 CCPM swashplates
    • Supports Wide/Narrow Bandwidth Digital and brushless servos
    • Compatible with 2 to 5 blades rotor heads
    • Built in governor function


  • T-Rex 700L Dominator TOP:
    • Length: 1350mm
    • Height: 360mm
    • Width: 208mm
    • Main Blade Length: 700mm
    • Main Rotor Diameter: 1582mm
    • Tail Rotor Diameter: 281mm
    • Motor Drive Gear: 13T
    • Main Drive Gear: 110T
    • Autorotation Tail Drive Gear: 104T
    • Tail Drive Gear: 22T
    • Drive Gear Ratio: 1: 8.46: 4.37
    • Weight (w/Motor): 3310g
  • Gpro Programmable Flybarless System:
    • Operating Voltage Range: DC 3.5V~8.4V
    • Operating Current Consumption: <80mA @4.8V
    • X and Y axis Operating Angle Range: -300~+300 degree
    • Z axis Operating Angle Range: -600~+600 degree
    • Sensor Resolution: 12bit
    • Maximum Working Voltage: 8.5V
    • Operating Temperature: -20~60 degree
    • Operating Humidity: 0%~95%
    • Size: 36.5x25.2x15.6 mm Size
    • Weight: 11g


  • (1) T-REX 700L DOMINATOR Kit
  • (1) 700 Carbon Fiber Blade set
  • (1) 105mm 3K Carbon Fiber Tail Blade set
  • (1) 850MX Brushless Motor (490KV)
  • (3) BL815H High Voltage Brushless Servo
  • (1) BL855H High Voltage Brushless Servo
  • (1) 3K Carbon Fiber Tail Boom
  • (1) Aluminum Tail Boom
  • (1) Castle EDGE HV 160 Brushless ESC
  • (1) Gpro Flybarless system
Needed to Complete: 
  • Transmitter (7-channel or more, helicopter system)
  • Receiver (7-channel or more)
  • (2) 6S Li-Po 4500 ~ 5200mAh
  • (1) 2S Li-Po 1900 ~ 2300mAh
  • Digital Pitch Gaugeer Combo