Castle Creations Phoenix ICE2 HV 80 ESC 12S 50V


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The next generation of High Voltage Brushless Speed Controls from CastleCreations

The controllers are set at the factory for Auto Lipo detect/cutoff operation and they are tuned for optimum outrunner performance.

Data Logging
ICE brings another incredibly useful feature, extensive data logging capabilities.
The controllers are able to measure and record many parameters at sample rates that you choose between 10 samples per second and 1 sample per second.

We now offer the Quick Connect for more convenient data log downloading and adjusting controller settings.
The quick connect is a special harness that allows you to keep the speed controller plugged into the receiver when connecting to the Castle Link.
It has an extra 12" servo lead that can be placed wherever it is convenient to plug in the link, while your speed controller stays connected to the receiver.
No more digging into your setup to get to the receiver just to pull off your data or change settings!

Technical Data
Length: 67.8mm
Width: 50.6mm
Height: 23.2mm
Weight without wires: 67.8g
Weight with wires: 120.0g
Motor wire size: 10 AWG
Motor wire length: 5 inches
Max Amps - ESC: 80 amps*
Max Volts: 50V (12s LiPo / 36 cells NiCd/NiMh)