Multiwii MWC FC Bluetooth Module Programmer (Android compatible)


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This handy bluetooth module is used to configure your Multiwii flight controller wirelessly from your Android device. You will need to download the Multiwii Configuration Android app to your mobile device to use this module. 

MultiWii Configuration App functions:
• Read and Write PID
• Setting switch adjustment for AUX1 and AUX2
• Monitor receiver signal and FC output signal
• Monitor all sensors and GPS signal
• Calibration for Magnetometer and Accelerometer
• Save and read profile
• Upgraded to more convince Molex 1.25mm plug
Connectivity: Bluetooth / UART TTL socket
Dimension: 37.5x15x5mm
Weight: 4g / 7g (w/cable)

Default parameter:
Baud rate: 115200
Module name: HB02
Pair code: 1234

Bluetooth module x 1
UART 4Pin cable 200mm x 1