Rapicon 20% Heli Fuel (3.8L Bottle)


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This product is composed of Nitromethane, Methyl alcohol, Lubricant and so on, and prolongs expiry of engines by adding an anti-corrosive agent and stabilizer. Full-synthetic lubrication allows little carbon and remains. With bio-additive and optimal amount of lubrication, it is an environment-friendly European style of which exhaust is clean. Furthermore, engines are stable at different running environment, and engine reaction of needle setting is very accurate.
Rapicon helicopter fuel brings weighty torque even at low rotation when hovering at F3C and its rotation torque is consistent, so it allows a stable, settled and convenient hovering. Besides, it shows power not to be exhausted at violent flying of 3D, while its rotation torque does not change even at successive flights of various flight maneuvers that give much burden on engines. Following the trend, it has a remarkable technology to sustain rotor-rotation by keeping engine torque at impact types of flights